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We want to help you find the ideal site for your location or expansion. We continually update an online inventory of available properties for sale or lease, making it easy to search for properties that meet your organization’s specifications. Use our Sites and Buildings Tool to narrow your search for the building of your choice.

If you are considering expanding or relocating your business, your GADC team can provide additional information about available Greenville, SC, commercial property for sale or lease. We can also assist with incentive negotiation, workforce data, local networking, and more to support the success of your business or project.

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Building NameAvailable (sq ft)FlyerMapProperty TypeTenancy
Enterprise 85 - Building 11,006,880
Upstate Trade Center - Building 1640,640
Enterprise 85 | Lot 1 Spec 2567,000
Meridian 25 - Building 2533,520
189 Stables Road499,968
Becknell Spec | Augusta Grove - Lot 9494,000
Perimeter Road421,870
Augusta Grove Lot 10 336,850
Park Commerce, Frontage Road 1306,000
Axial Crosspoint - Building 1280,800
Meridian 25 - Building 1280,800
Upstate Trade Center - Building 2266,760
Willimon Business Park Phase II Building C257,040
Fox Hill - Building 3251,100
Willimon Business Park Building A224,640
Park Commerce 2210,000
28 Global Drive200,000
Axial Crosspoint - Building 3199,500
301 University Ridge198,950
400 Bon Air Street197,000
2000 Wade Hampton Blvd, Bldg 1 & Bldg 2188,900
Beattie Plant188,136
130 Commerce Center187,897
301 North Main Street184,241
6901 Augusta Road182,520
701 Brookfield Parkway158,881
Augusta Grove 14158,129
Judson Mill - The Westervelt157,270
Garlington North - Building B136,500
Garlington North C136,500
301 College Street - Canvas Building130,000
Willimon Business Park - Building D126,360
50 Datastream Plaza124,836
10 Jack Casey Court113,000
Metts Street108,240
Ford Motor Credit Space106,649
Plush Mills92,000
South Chase Wilson Bridge86,700
Two Liberty Square84,714
Access Point Building III82,305
133 White Horse Court80,000
104 S Main Street79,487
6997 Pelham Road78,600
1041 E Butler Rd76,405
300 S Main Street, Mauldin, SC 2966275,000
Axial Crosspoint - Building 272,000
625 S Old Piedmont Highway70,000
260 Wilson Bridge69,770
217 Commerce Road68,000
20 Tower Drive63,571
Arrowhead Court and Echelon Road62,500
One Liberty Square57,579
Judson Mill - The Jenny54,532
50 International Drive51,236
199 Black Hawk Road47,673
800 Pelham Road46,932
Garlington North A45,376
135 Commerce Center45,000
Haywood Ridge Flex Park44,550
1001 Keys Drive44,425
55 E Camperdown Way44,232
315 Pendleton Road43,963
Judson Mill - The Annex42,834
1200 Brookfield Parkway41,254
2701 E Phillips Road40,000
2819 Wade Hampton Boulevard Building 240,000
Bonaventure II39,253
300 E Mcbee Ave39,171
1861 South Highway 1437,000
850 S Pleasantburg Drive36,446
Noma Tower36,245
1 Independence Pointe35,803
Park 37 - Building 30035,740
101 North Main 34,961
135 Interstate Boulevard 34,800
80 International Drive33,423
AT&T Building32,046
131 Southchase Boulevard31,790
NPA Piedmont Highway, Piedmont, SC 2967330,375
711 W Washington Street30,289
7001 Pelham Road28,574
120 and 220 Hidden Corner Court28,000
10 S Academy Street27,335
525 Old Piedmont Highway27,000
5751 Augusta Road25,255
99 Park Industrial Road - Building C24,000
99 Park Industrial Road Building E24,000
16 Hyland Road24,000
Park 37 - Building 70023,624
667 Perimeter Road23,024
450 Furman Hall Road22,978
1020 Thousand Oaks Blvd22,800
Park 37 - Building 40021,158
Piedmont Center East20,983
Piedmont Center West20,979
260 Feaster Road20,000
10 Patewood Drive19,569
110 E Court Street18,651
1045 - 1053 Keys Drive18,000
Harbinger - Building Three17,978
5 Independence Pt17,356
Park 37 - Building 20015,975
2829 White Horse Road15,800
7600 Pelham Road15,400
7600 Pelham Road15,400
1025 Lowndes Hill Road15,127
325 W Mcbee Ave14,715
Harbinger - Building Two14,699
651 Brookfield Parkway14,617
1300 & 1302 Rutherford Road14,180
84 Villa Road13,542
2 Independence Pt12,810
Patewood V12,083
10 Webb Road12,019
56 Pelham Davis Circle12,000
Park 37 - Building 15011,778
1001 E Butler Rd11,200
282 Rocky Creek Road10,075
34 Pelham Davis Circle10,000
12 Interchange Boulevard10,000
12 Distribution Court10,000
The Ogletree Building9,951
141 Traction St8,000
NEXT Building1,328
19 Concourse Way10,000
200 West Warehouse Court16,000
Park Commerce127,647
565 Woodruff Road9,600
Harbinger - Building One7,903
Nalley Warehouse46,885


Site NameAvailable (acres)FlyerMapProperty Type
recyqYUzZSdclBgaJAugusta Grove Lot 20140
recC5k6SGc0quiFxNSC TAC - Parcel A - 91 acres91
recw55DBK9tNjGBXRAugusta Grove Lot 2161
recuHxDpsX36mvnNUFox Hill Remainder60
recndXptqZ9aVPdH7Augusta Grove Lot 141
recBLKBkAIZwePkmP1110 Piedmont Hwy, Piedmont, SC 2967340
recqcFxX4Pbqxi121Augusta Grove Lot 1827
recdAPFIC1KZ7xyUVI-85 and Neely Ferry Road26
recy1Y9M3tyddit7hSC TAC - Parcel G23
recb63EsSiMIZ2P1cAugusta Grove Lot 520
recEqB16mDWm8cEC0SC TAC - Parcel E18
recTRWTtzcNcwW5PUNorth Woods Drive15
recp8cKPyoOsgwihARidge Road12.7
rec006uNBPzPdSO68Wade Hampton and Reid School Road12.4
recgS60L5XGmPijdiMichelin Court BTS12
recq7ZAOW1zf5YtyD5519 White Horse Road10.2
recaqQ69xWcmTo2p9405 Milacron Drive10
recT5DlzUggaxPXCoAntioch Church Road- Site #1267 - Parcel D10
reccposmQaUpH7OvFAugusta Grove Lot 79.6
recQ5eAnDThlUDZiEGlobal Business Park - 8.6 AC8.6
recUlddOfWSzTAyqEWade Hampton Blvd and Banking Way Drive7.95
rechoszzHZZP7Fg8VWatson Aviation6.9
recyCW945TLejb8yEAugusta Grove Lot 196.7
recMXpDM2DhwllzEu2820 Poinsett Highway - Site #15036.6
rec9g2Dkl7hXp9h9z25 Chrome Drive6
rec9NcetqV9ZrkuTiAugusta Grove Lot 18A6
recW0BjyBySRmGLqfAugusta Grove Lot 124.8
recMzamohpNoyydBEGlobal Business Park- 3.5 Acre3.5
reckUhoXywasoq4WrCreekside Professional Village2.6
recZoZDCkkctg4NCGGlobal Business Park - 2.5 AC2.5
recJXypDh8xELXhYFGlobal Business Park - 1.25 AC1.3
recJEXWqFJazhsy1gSC TAC - Parcel A - 50 Acres50
rec6RM3A08fbFUsO9716 Congaree Road1.41
rectYEA5ccACd1XhdAntioch Church Road - Site #1267 - Parcel C11.9
recixGo67Th9LdkRWSCTAC - Parcel B93
recy0sCsP7HN0RGLFPatton Street3.5
rec3CRMVXsLKPtgmuSouth Greenville Enterprise Park380

Throughout the Greenville, SC area, many commercial properties are available for sale or lease, including competitive rate office buildings, R&D facilities, flex and warehouse space, office parks, and other types of commercial real estate.

For organizations that need the flexibility and customization options provided by undeveloped land, the GADC can assist with site selection to find a location that suits your expansion or relocation requirements.

Various available industrial or business park choices simplify finding a Greenville, SC, commercial property for sale or lease that will work for your business.

From versatile design and functionality features to specific location and cost criteria, Greenville has an extensive selection of office buildings to meet your unique needs.

The Greenville, SC, area has many prime industrial buildings suitable for various specialized requirements. The diverse selection includes buildings with easy interstate access, air and rail facilities, and more.

If you are considering expanding or relocating your business, your GADC team can provide additional information about available Greenville, SC, commercial property for sale or lease. We can also assist with incentive negotiation, workforce data, local networking, and more to support the success of your business or project.

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