Board of Directors

Our Mission

The GADC works to improve the quality of life of every Greenville County citizen by facilitating investment and job growth from new and existing companies. We serve as an intermediary for client companies with local and state government and the Greenville business community. To further our mission, we coordinate our resources with other community-based groups dedicated to promoting economic development.

Becoming a Board Member

Greenville County Council appoints the GADC Board of Directors. Board Members serve for a three-year term with eligibility to be reappointed for a subsequent term. Each year, four positions come open; The Council as a whole selects three while the Council Chair appoints one.

To learn more, please visit Greenville County Boards on the County’s website.

Board of Directors

Jim Burns

Company: Hartness Development

Phone: (864) 423-1010

Ernest Rawlins Photography
Beverly Haines
Vice Chair

Company: Healthcare Consultant

Phone: (864) 967-8032

Ernest Rawlins Photography
Justin Bagwell

Company: Michelin North America

Phone: (864) 363-4477

Ernest Rawlins Photography
Barry T Leasure

Company: GreerWalker CPAs & Advisors

Phone: (864) 752-0080

Ernest Rawlins Photography
Scott Case

Company: Greenville County Auditor Office

Phone: (864) 467-7040

Ernest Rawlins Photography
McNeil Epps

Company: NAI Earle Furman

Phone: (864) 678-5956

Marshall Franklin

Company: EY

Phone: (864) 991-9947

Ernest Rawlins Photography
William Moon

Company: Moon & Associates Inc.

Phone: (864) 809-3933

Ernest Rawlins Photography
Charles Piczszor

Company: Retired – CME Group, Inc.

Phone: (847) 809-6397

Liz Seman

Company: Council Vice Chair, Greenville County Council

Phone: (864) 501-4126

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Dan Tripp

Company: Council Chair, Greenville County Council

Phone: (864) 962-1093

Chad Tumblin

Company: NVR

Phone: (864) 901-0551

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GADC’s offices are located
in downtown Greenville.

301 University Ridge
Suite N-4300
Greenville, SC 29601 

(864) 235 – 2008

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